Friday, October 8, 2010

Update iPhone and iPad without iTunes?

A long-running complaint from iPhone, iPod touch (and more recently iPad users) is the fact that updating the device software/firmware requires connecting it to iTunes via USB.  Many customers, especially business users and users who are not technical are puzzled as to why this requirement exists.  Many of them do everything they need on the device including buying music, videos, and downloading apps without once connecting to their computer.

The recent release of the latest Apple TV gives me a little hope.   The new Apple TV does not connect to the iTunes client via a USB (you can do it, but that's a different story).  Despite this fact, it does appear that you can update the Apple TVs software directly from the Apple TV menu, which means that the iOS is capable of handling an "over the air/Internet" update.

Since the new Apple TV is based on the iOS operating system, which is shared by the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, you would think that this capability is coming to the rest of the devices.  At least, I hope so.


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