Thursday, October 7, 2010

$299 Will Buy You 1 Google TV box or 3 Apple TVs!

Logitech is going to be one of the first providers to embed Google TV software in its new media box called Revue.  Google TV is very feature-rich with support for Netflix, Napster, Pandora, Twitter, CNBC as well as well as a full wireless keyboard for browsing the web.  All this, however, comes at a steep price: $299.

Amazon is already taking pre-orders for the device, which will ship at the end of October.  However, who is going to buy it?  For $299, you can buy 3 Apple TV devices and put one in each room of your house.  Why would you want to spend $299...  The Logitech Revue is more feature-rich in terms of supporting more apps and a full keyboard.  Apple TV adheres to Apple's the simpler the better design.

It seems that the Google TV-based Revue is is not targeted at the average user.  Where Steve Jobs believes that the average customer does not want to turn their TV into a PC, Google has reached a different conclusion.  That leads me to believe that the target customers are different.

It will be interesting to see which technology will capture more more market share.  I'm counting on Apple.

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