Friday, August 27, 2010

iTV... What I would love to see

Rumors are abound about the content of Apple's upcoming event scheduled for Sep 1st.  As a given, there will be a refreshed iPod touch with all the new features that were included in the iPhone 4 such as FaceTime and the front-facing camera and HD video recording.  That's great, but doesn't really get my very excited.

I am excited, however, about the prospect of a new Apple TV hardware release.  This is pure rumor and I've been disappointed in the past.  Here's a summary of all the rumors I've seen:

  • Diskless Apple TV, to be renamed to iTV. Content will be streamed from your home PCs and/or Macs connected to the network.
  • Price: $99
  • 720p only
  • Support for applications
Here's what I would love to see in an new Apple TV (or iTV or whatever it's going to be called):

  • Price:  Anything less than $200 is good.  $99 is fantastic.
  • OS: iOS (hopefully that will speed it up quite a lot)
  • Ports/Connectivity:
    • HDMI (I suspect this will be the smaller output version)
    • Ethernet
    • Wi-Fi (801.11n)
    • USB (for external drive when you're on the go)
  • Applications:  Please make the Netflix app work on this. Ideally, any application from the App Store should work on this.  Less than ideal, any iPad app should work.  Worst case scenario: only special apps would work
  • Remote: None (use your iPhone or iPod touch)
  • Integration with iTunes: allow multiple iTunes libraries to connect to for streaming. While you're at it, make iTunes run as a service so we don't have to login to a PC to enable iTunes.
That's it. It seems simple enough.  Hopefully, Apple will meet or exceed my expectations.  I'll post an update once the announcement is made on Wednesday and hopefully, I'll be getting my hands on one shortly after that and will post my first impressions.