Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bad press is piling up for iPhone 4 antenna problems... Is a recall in the works?

The iPhone 4 antenna problem has been getting more bad press lately than the BP oil gusher!  I am still doubtful that Apple will do a full recall, but they have to do something to change the subject.  Things got much worse yesterday with Consumer Reports making a major U-turn on their previous assessment of iPhone 4 and deciding not to recommend it even though it received their highest ranking.  Today, the press is piling on.  Here's a roundup of the most recent stories:

With so much negative press, I can't imagine that Apple will be so stubborn that it won't do anything at all. Something has to give, but I suspect it will be something symbolic like giving each iPhone 4 owner a free bumper.  Those bumpers cost $29 if you buy it from Apple, but I can't imagine that they cost Apple more than $1 to make.  It's a small piece of rubber that's manufactured in China and if it wasn't sold directly by Apple, it would be sold for $6.99 by Handhelditems.com with free shipping and plenty of profit.

See Consumer Reports video below:

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