Thursday, June 24, 2010

I Love My New iPhone 4

I ordered my iPhone 4 through AT&T's website on June 15 at 6:00 ET.  Based on the initial reviews of the phone, I figured it would be best to order one as early as I can.  Sure enough, by noon that day AT&T and Apple's ordering systems were going haywire.

I was expecting my iPhone 4 to arrive on June 24.  To my surprise, the phone arrived a day ealier by FedEx.  I'm not sure if this something that Apple intended or not, but it appears that I'm not the only one to receive my phone a day early.

I haven't done much with the phone yet except to activate it and synchronize all my apps and settings from my old 3GS.  So far, I'm loving 3 things about the phone:

1.  The flash on the camera is making a huge difference in taking photos inside.

2. The size and feel of the phone are much better than the previous models.  The phone feels very solid.

3. The display is unbelievable.  Reading the NY Times, e-mail, and books is just so much clearer than the 3GS or even the iPad.

I'm looking forward to trying out some of the other new features, including the HD video and FaceTime.  Alas, I don't know anyone else that has received their new iPhone yet to try out the FaceTime feature.  I hope that Skype makes their iPhone app compatabile for FaceTime or at least update it to support video chat.  I will post something soon about the additional features.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My iPad Experience

I finally got my hands on an iPad.  I've been playing with it for a little over a week.  Overall, I think it's a great little device and I think if I didn't have an iPhone and an iPod Touch, my jaw would've dropped when I first held it.  However, owning an iPhone and an iPad Touch lessened that experience drastically.  Here's the bottom line:

  • The iPad is currently no more than an iPod Touch with a larger screen.  I was hard pressed to find that it does anything that the iPod Touch or iPhone didn't do.
  • Reading the NY Times, Financial Times and books on the iPad is fantastic as you don't have to scroll as much as you would using the iPod Touch/iPhone.  Other than that, pretty much everything else is the same, but less mobile.
  • Owning an iPad does not eliminate the need for a laptop as I don't see using it for writing long e-mails or papers.  It's also not ideal as a business device because of many limitations to storage, applications, etc...  Plus, you can't even print from theh iPad.
  • Obviously, it doesn't eliminate the need for a Phone either since it does not have voice capability and it's not portable enough to carry in your pocket.
Additionally, Apple made a few mistakes with the device, which I'm certain, will be corrected in future hardware releases:

  • The iPad does not have a front-facing camera, which means you can't use it for video-conferencing through Apple's new FaceTime application.  The iPad would've been ideal for that function with an iPhone on the other end.  I could see my wife and kids being on the iPad at home and me on the iPhone on a trip and interfacing with them.  This would be much more difficult with an iPhone-to-iPhone transactions due to screen size limitations that are not ideal for "group" viewing.  This ia a major design flow and Apple will be certain to correct in future iPads.  Hopefully, they would somehow release a tiny camera for existing users...
  • Printing... Wow, I can't believe you can't print from the iPad.  Hopefully, this is something that can easily be remidied with a software release in the future.
  • Expandability... You can't plug a USB key or any other type of storage device to the iPad.  So, good luck trying to transfer a file from the iPad to another device or vice versa.
  • HDMI output... OK, this is kind of a nice-to-have, but why doesn't the iPad have an HDMI hookup so you can plug-it into a TV or external monitor?  Viewing pictures and videos would've been great.
P.S. I just pre-ordered my iPhone 4 and can't wait to get it on Jun 24.  I'll post my initial impressions as soon as I get my hands on it.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I Want My Apple TV

I've had a 160GB Apple TV since it was released over 3 years ago and have been anxiously following rumors of an upgrade from Apple for quite a while now.  The most recent rumor indicates that Apple's strategy for their "hobby" is to get rid of the local storage altogether and replace the Mac OS with the iOS (formerly iPhone OS).  According to the rumor, the device would pull media off of iTunes online and as well as a local Time Capsule.  Best of all, the device would only cost $99.

That sounds fantastic.  Sign me up Apple!  I would get a device for every room in the house if they were that cheap.  Sadly, I watched the Steve Jobs WWDC presentation with the hope that an Apple TV announcement would be made, but I was disaappointed by the results (the iPhone 4 is great BTW and I can't wait to place an order for one).

Hopefully, such a product would be announced at Apple's next even, which will probably take place in September.  Apple is expected to release n updated iPod Touch device at that time and it would make sense to announce the Apple TV since it is a media device as well.  Let's hope!