Tuesday, October 27, 2009

iPhone 3GS 16GB Comes Back from the Dead

Last night, my iPhone 3GS 16GB died! 

The battery was about 40% charged when I last looked at it.  A few minutes later, I hit the home button to turn the screen on, but it was just black.  I tried the On button on top, but nothing happened.  I tried holding down both buttons to reset it and nothing.  I finally plugged it into the wall and tried the same excercised, but to no avail.  Tried the same things again in 30 minutes and nothing.  Still the black screen.  I finally gave up and went to bed thinking that I have make a trip to the Apple Store this morning.

This morning, I heard a churp coming from the iPhone, which turned out to be a text message from my wife.  Somehow, it came back from the dead overnight and turned itself back on.  Is it a miracle or is my phone on its last leg?  It's only 3 months old so I hope if it's going to die, it will do it while under warranty.

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